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Abengoa sells US bioenergy arm for €209m

23 de agosto de 2016

Sale is part of the company’s plan to avoid what would be Spain’s largest-ever insolvency

Results plunge for Ramboll

22 de agosto de 2016

Denmark: Recent contracts include work on conversion of the UK’s Lynemouth power station to biomass

District heating association ‘sceptical’ over privatisation report

18 de agosto de 2016

Denmark: “Secret” report says sector should seek private investment, according to district heating association

Fortum wins Teesside biomass plant deal

17 de agosto de 2016

Finnish company signs decade-long operation and maintenance agreement

New biomass and PV business created

16 de agosto de 2016

Switzerland: Merger between AEK Energie and Onyx Energie Mittelland to create new business

Support for new biomass heating projects revealed

15 de agosto de 2016

France: Further financial backing for sector follows recent criticism

Researchers to probe UK bioenergy emissions

3 de agosto de 2016

A seven-month project will review data on bioenergy greenhouse gas impacts from existing life-cycle assessments

Industry slams 'damaging' changes to UK biomass CHP aid scheme

1 de agosto de 2016

Stricter rules for financial support were passed 'without consulting the sector' and threaten ongoing projects, warns renewables association

EWB Insight: July 2016

28 de julho de 2016

This month: UK's waste gasification sector takes a knock, ADBA conference round up and the end to subsidies for first generation biofuels post 2020

New owner for bioenergy and waste business Saxlund

28 de julho de 2016

SWEDEN: Company’s former owner had been experiencing financial problems

Albioma results up on biomass plants’ performances

28 de julho de 2016

FRANCE: Strikes and technical issues appear over for biomass-fired business

First biomass-to-steel unit enters operation

27 de julho de 2016

UK: First of 14 planned plants now up-and-running

Ireland’s largest biomass build halted

26 de julho de 2016

US-based firm behind €180m build reveals financial trouble

EU targets further economy-wide decarbonisation

21 de julho de 2016

Strategy sets out new waste, transport and land-use measures; includes requirement to account for biomass CO2 emissions

BEE to move Finnish biomass plant to Germany

21 de julho de 2016

Facility is due to start operating again at its new location during 2018 and will replace the use of fossil fuels

Halt to CCS project “adds billions” to cost of decarbonisation

21 de julho de 2016

UK: National Audit Office questions government decision to cancel carbon capture competition

Europe’s largest pellet maker seeks SBP certification

20 de julho de 2016

ESTONIA: Wood pellet manufacturer and biomass plant operator to highlight sustainability credentials

Closed loop water system cuts biomass plants' costs

20 de julho de 2016

SPAIN: Water consumption has been cut by up to 85% thanks to "dry cooling" system

Nearly final combustion plant BREF raises standards

18 de julho de 2016

Gasification, plasma gasification and multi-fuel combustion added to the final draft LCP BREF

Contracts awarded for Vilnius CHP plant

14 de julho de 2016

LITHUANIA: Facility consists of separate waste and biomass-fired units

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23 de agosto de 2016

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Research Headlines - A user-centred approach to balancing renewable energy supply and demand

28 de julho de 2016

Picture of Lego model of Bornholm with wind turbines and housesAs European countries grow their renewable energy capacity, grid operators need to find ways to balance supply and demand due to the variability of sun and wind. The recent trial of a smart distribution system on the Danish island of Bornholm, where more than 50 %of electricity comes from wind farms, has demonstrated an efficient and effective solution.

Events - 2016 Info Day on Horizon 2020 'Smart Grids and Storage' - 3 October 2016, Brussels

19 de julho de 2016

The event targets potential applicants to the calls for 'Smart Grids and Storage' projects, which will be funded under the 2016-2017 Horizon 2020 Work programme 'Secure, clean and efficient energy', and in particular under the 'Competitive low-carbon energy' (LCE) call (topics: LCE-01-2016-2017, LCE-04-2017 and LCE-05-2017).

More information and the agenda will follow on the event page.

Registration for the info day is compulsory and free of charge. Due to a limited number of seats, a maximum of two people from the same organisation can be registered.

Research Headlines - Hydrogen power for zero CO2 emissions and energy security

19 de julho de 2016

Picture of hydrogen infractructureEurope relies on natural gas and fossil fuels from a limited number of countries. These energy sources generate harmful greenhouse gases that accelerate climate change and its devastating impacts. The EU-funded HYDROSOL-PLANT project has developed a technology that has the potential to produce hydrogen on a large-scale, cost-effectively. This renewable energy could slow climate change and create a sustainable future.

Research Headlines - Bright future for solar fuels, say EU scientists

11 de julho de 2016

Photo of solar panels on a green fieldThe EU-funded SOLARH2 project has established a pan-European research network that is tapping into the potential of solar fuel, a clean energy source that could one day replace fossil fuels.

Success Stories - New tools make solar power more attractive to business

6 de junho de 2016

Photo of solar panels EU-funded researchers have developed and patented tools to make photovoltaic generation more reliable, cost-effective and easier to integrate into the grid, providing a boost to solar power SMEs and helping to make sustainable energy more attractive to businesses and end users. Commercial spin-offs are marketing the results in Europe and beyond.

Success Stories - Supergrass: fighting climate change with riverbank plants

28 de abril de 2016

Photo of 2 scientists with the plants The grassy banks of the river Barrow in Ireland may look unproductive in agricultural terms, but to scientists involved in a European research project the land and its vegetation may hold the key to an energy revolution. The plant giving rise to such optimism is called myscanthus, a non-native species.

Success Stories - Innovative electric ferries for greener water transport

14 de abril de 2016

Illustration of the ferry A cleaner, more efficient ferry is on the horizon. A prototype mid-range 100 % electric vessel developed by an EU-funded project is set to cut transport pollution and operational costs. The ferry will be powered by wind-sourced electricity and will carry the largest battery pack ever installed. Tests are due to begin in summer 2017.

Events - 32nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC 2016) - 20-24 June 2016, Munich

11 de março de 2016

The EU PVSEC is the world’s largest Conference in the field of photovoltaics and uniquely combines scientific, technological, industrial and application-related issues from the perspective of research and development, industry, finance and politics.

Events - EU Sustainable Energy Week Conference (EUSEW) - 14-16 June 2016, Brussels

7 de março de 2016

EUSEW brings together public authorities, energy agencies, research organisations, NGOs, businesses, and private consumers to share best practices and inspire ideas on secure, clean and efficient energy.

Help us share the energy landscape and play your part in activating Europe's Energy Union!

Propose a session!

Join the conference!

Watch the video!

Events - EUBCE 2016 -24th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition - 6-9 June 2016, Amsterdam

7 de março de 2016

Join us in Amsterdam for the 24th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, the leading international platform for dialogue between research, industry, policy and biomass businesses.

The EUBCE represents one of the key events on both a European and global scale for companies and professionals operating at the top end of the biomass and bioenergy sector. Held in a different city each year for over 30 years, the EUBCE has successfully combined a highly renowned international scientific conference with an ever-growing industry exhibition, thus rightfully earning its place as one of the world’s most influential biomass sector events.

Research Headlines - Tomorrow's grid for low-carbon energy

11 de fevereiro de 2016

Photo of highway at highyCould Europe's economy reduce its CO2 emissions by 95% by 2050? An EU-funded project has predicted how an integrated smart grid could evolve by 2050, supporting greater use of green power and a secure, reliable energy supply.

Success Stories - A spirited approach to methanol production

14 de dezembro de 2015

Photo of an Industrial complex The carbon dioxide emitted by fossil fuel power stations and many other types of plant could be used to generate methanol, say EU-funded researchers. They are developing a cost-effective method to turn this overabundant pollutant into a welcome resource. This process will draw on surplus energy produced by renewables at peak times.

Press Centre - EU research and innovation supports delivery on COP21 commitments

8 de dezembro de 2015

The European Commission announces a new Research, Innovation and Competitiveness Strategy of the Energy Union at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference.

Research Headlines - Energy mix models make a case for more ambitious renewable targets

2 de dezembro de 2015

Photo of the satelite over the earthUsing sensors on board platforms such as satellites and advanced modelling systems, EU-funded researchers have quantified the impact of future energy use on the environment. Their headline conclusion? That we can go further than the EU goal of increasing renewable energy's contribution to global supply to 80% by 2050.

International Cooperation - Commission signs Atlantic Ocean Research Cooperation declaration with Brazil and announces a coordinated call on biofuels

17 de novembro de 2015

The European Commission and the Brazilian government are signing today in Rio a joint declaration for Atlantic Ocean Research to enhance marine cooperation between Europe and Brazil. The agreement follows the celebration of the EU-Brazil high level conference which aims to develop common expertise and scientific knowledge on the Atlantic Ocean and its dynamic systems, provide a new momentum for enhancing marine cooperation between Brazil and Europe and discuss how to further engage in joint research projects and improve reciprocal access to infrastructures.

Success Stories - On to second-generation bioethanol

10 de novembro de 2015

Photo of the Inbicon plant Europe is the world's third-largest producer of bioethanol - an important renewable fuel and energy source. Most stems from crops. Aiming to enlarge the feedstock basis for ethanol production, an EU-funded project has taken advanced bioethanol production from plant waste a large step closer to cost-efficient implementation.

Research Headlines - Desert sun partnership powers ahead

22 de setembro de 2015

Picture of solar panels in scrublandIf there's one thing North Africa has in abundance, it is sun - and with it, the potential for cheap, plentiful solar power. An EU-funded project is adapting solar technology to the region's environment and infrastructure, while building local research capacity in the field.

Research Headlines - Green energy from offshore wind-farms

17 de setembro de 2015

Picture of a long row of windturbinesOffshore wind-farms are an attractive source of renewable energy, overcoming a number of concerns linked to on-land wind turbines. An EU-funded project is increasing cost-effectiveness out at sea with new, lightweight, innovative components. One system prototype is being tested, while another is under development.

Success Stories - Pioneering power generation from olive mill waste

7 de setembro de 2015

Photo of green olives EU-funded researchers are looking to commercialise cutting-edge technology that converts toxic olive oil waste into heat and electricity, bringing environmental and economic benefits to some of the most underdeveloped regions of Europe.

Research Headlines - Unlocking new recharging solutions for electric cars

28 de agosto de 2015

Picture of the electric car at nightThe EU-funded FASTINCHARGE project is designing a more practical and efficient means of recharging electric vehicles (EV). In doing so, the project aims to make electric vehicles more appealing to consumers - helping car makers become more competitive.

Research Headlines - A safer, cheaper, greener Li-ion for electric cars

27 de agosto de 2015

Picture of an electric carAn EU-funded project has developed innovative components, chemical technologies and manufacturing processes for cheaper, more-dependable and greener Lithium-ion batteries. These breakthroughs promise to boost competitiveness among European battery and electric vehicle manufacturers.

Research Headlines - Pumped up about heat pumps

26 de agosto de 2015

Picture of lounge room with modern fireplaceBuildings account for some 40% of the EU's energy consumption and CO2 emissions. More than half of them are residential, often with plenty of room for energy efficiency gains. An SME-led project funded by the EU has developed an innovative heating solution specifically for existing single-family homes. It expects this system to be on sale within a year.