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Approval for 6MWe multifuel facility

20 de setembro de 2019

UK: Advanced thermal conversion “vortex” system will process up to 16,000t/yr of plastic and biomass

Waste wood masks leap in Scottish EfW use

18 de setembro de 2019

Waste-wood recovery plunges by 16% as overall tonnage sent to EfW plants increases by only 0.5%

Deal signed to build E Wood biomass-fired plant

13 de setembro de 2019

Belgium: Facility will process 180,000t/yr and have capacities of 20MWe and 7.5MWth

Saica opens first French biomass plant

13 de setembro de 2019

Facility will process up to 101,000t/yr of waste wood

Farmers back bioenergy to cut emissions

11 de setembro de 2019

UK: Bioenergy and CCS could reduce agriculture emissions to net zero by 2040, say farming trade body

Plans for UK’s first ‘net zero’ carbon cluster launched

9 de setembro de 2019

Majority biomass-fired Drax part of humber decarbonisation drive

German company linked with troubled AEB

6 de setembro de 2019

Problems with Netherlands-based AEB’s EfW plant led to the country introducing a temporary ban on new waste import contracts

Funding to commercialise biomass-to-biofuel technology

6 de setembro de 2019

UK: Money will go towards completing a delayed demonstration-scale plant based in Teesside, ahead of marketing the technology globally

Waste industry raises concerns over permitting delays

6 de setembro de 2019

UK’s lack of EfW capacity and delays to permits are “bad for business” says waste sector

REA calls for UK commitment to 16% bioenergy capacity

5 de setembro de 2019

Drastically increasing current capacity would “safeguard” the country’s energy security, according to a new report

C-Capture launches project to validate CCUS technology

5 de setembro de 2019

UK/Norway: Demonstration-scale equipment has recently been installed at the majority biomass-fired Drax power station

Danish biomass-to-energy predicted ‘to fall’

4 de setembro de 2019

Report says feedstock has served as a “stepping stone” while other technologies such as wind and solar have increased their capacities

Eqtec’s US biomass-gasification plant develops

4 de setembro de 2019

Ireland-based firm is developing a facility in California which could be the first of a series of plants in the US

Valmet secures €50m biomass-fired plant deal

2 de setembro de 2019

Germany: Facility has capacities of 60MWth and 20MWe and will serve the Braunschweig municipality

EWB Insight report: August 2019

30 de agosto de 2019

This month: Three major new EfW plants progress, waste exports from England drop, UK waste wood market to import feedstock and a full facilities update

UK waste wood-fired plants to import feedstock - WRA

28 de agosto de 2019

Two large-scale facilities have come online this year with more in the pipeline, forcing operators to look further afield to safeguard feedstock

NerG wins Solihull biomass-upkeep contract

28 de agosto de 2019

UK: Deal covers biomass-fired boilers supplying heat and hot water to 23 high-rise blocks with a total of 1,200 flats

Drax faces ‘major disruption’ as another strike looms

23 de agosto de 2019

UK: New threat of industrial action comes only weeks after another series of strikes were called off

EWB Plant Tracker Update

22 de agosto de 2019

Several UK-based EfW plants have made progress, but issues at a Derby-based gasification facility and a government snub for another one have hit capacities

‘Flagship’ research centre scraps multifuel-fired boiler search

22 de agosto de 2019

UK: Biomass and waste-fired system was part of an energy research centre looking at developing CCUS technology

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19 de setembro de 2019

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Events - Stunning Final Conference - 18 September 2019, Paris (France)

14 de agosto de 2019

Horizon 2020 STUNNING project aims at accelerating the adoption and innovative refurbishment packages and business models for attractive, energy-efficient building innovations.

Research Headlines - A safe source of drinking water for rural Malawi

14 de agosto de 2019

ImageThe EU-funded WATERSPOUTT project's partners in Malawi are designing and testing an innovative solar-ceramic water filtration system capable of providing local communities with a reliable source of clean water at the household level.

Research Headlines - Europe stands up to lead the solar-thermal electricity way

13 de agosto de 2019

ImageAll-too-often it takes global disasters or looming events to bring countries together for a common cause. Climate change is perhaps the biggest 'event' of this kind, an existential threat driving international research cooperation in a new sustainable solution called solar-thermal electricity (STE). But it takes leadership to forge such a grand alliance of scientists, engineers, technicians and companies prepared to back progress in this field. Europe stood up when it was needed.

Research Headlines - Newly discovered proteins boost booming biomaterials market

2 de agosto de 2019

ImageEU-funded researchers have discovered new families of proteins and enzymes that will enable the development of novel plant-based biomaterials, potentially providing viable sustainable and renewable alternatives to plastics and other fossil-fuel-derived materials and chemicals.

Research Headlines - Propelling wind turbines further offshore

18 de julho de 2019

ImageAn EU-funded project has developed an innovative substructure for wind turbines that dramatically cuts the cost of their installation in deep water. This could help harness wind energy further offshore.

Research Headlines - Creating better heat storage technologies

5 de julho de 2019

ImageScientists are focusing on technologies for storing heat as a means of increasing the share of renewables in the energy mix. As part of this push, an EU-funded project is testing new materials that perform well at very high temperatures.

Research Headlines - Boosting innovation in bioenergy

1 de julho de 2019

ImageAn EU-funded project has helped bioenergy SMEs in six EU countries to become more economically sustainable/profitable and more competitive on the market by supporting them with technical, funding and management guidance, as the EU seeks to meet its climate and energy goals.

Research Headlines - Water consumption solution for efficient concentrated solar power

28 de junho de 2019

ImageDeserts and other sun-drenched regions are the ideal location for concentrated solar power plants, but where sunlight is abundant water tends to be scarce. EU-funded researchers are solving this conundrum by developing technologies to comprehensively reduce water consumption, enabling CSP plants to play an even bigger role in addressing the world’s energy and climate change challenges.

Research Headlines - Battery factory to cut Europe's reliance on imports

19 de junho de 2019

ImageThe European Investment Bank (EIB) has agreed in principle to provide EUR 350 million in financing to support Northvolt's development of Europe's first lithium-ion battery cell gigafactory. The factory in Sweden will help reduce the EU's dependence on oil and imported batteries.

Research Headlines - Biomass crops are energy efficient and climate friendly

17 de junho de 2019

ImageEU-funded researchers planted, harvested, processed and analysed the life cycle of woody crops to establish how efficient and environmentally friendly they are as a source of fuel for electricity and heat.

Research Headlines - Energising a greener, smarter European electricity grid

11 de junho de 2019

ImageAn EU-funded project has developed nine innovative products to help integrate homes and businesses into a smart European electricity grid. The aim is to make green energy smarter, easier and cheaper to use at home and work - good for the pocket, the planet and Europe's energy security.

Events - EU Sustainable Energy Week 2019 - Shaping Europe's Energy Future - 17-21 June 2019, Brussels, Belgium

22 de maio de 2019

The 14th edition of EUSEW will take place from 17 to 21 June 2019.

The event will include a 3-day policy conference offering various networking opportunities between 18 and 20 June 2019, an EU Sustainable Energy Awards competition with a public vote for the citizens' award and local events, Energy Days, held across Europe throughout the months of May and June.

The policy conference under the theme "Shaping Europe’s energy future" will focus on latest policy advancements and solutions for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

Events - 12th Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) Conference - 12-14 June 2019, Bucharest, Romania

22 de maio de 2019

The 12th SET Plan Conference will take place between 12-14 June in Bucharest, under the auspices of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU and will be merged with the external ENVE (Environment, Climate Change and Energy ) Commission and Conference from the European Committee of the Regions, where more than 120 EU local and regional leaders are working on environment, climate change, energy and space policies.

The SET Plan & ENVE Conference in Bucharest will focus strongly on the interaction of different stakeholders with local and regional authorities on the road towards a clean energy transition. This will be accomplished by the strong involvement of partners working together for this unique SET Plan and ENVE Conference edition:

    • Romanian Presidency of the European Union • Romanian Ministry of Energy • European Committee of the Regions • European Commission • Romanian Municipalities Association

Research Headlines - Recycled bulky urban waste gains new value

20 de maio de 2019

imageAn EU-funded project has developed more efficient ways to obtain high-quality, recyclable raw materials from bulky waste. The advances contribute to Europe's efforts to reduce landfilling, recover valuable raw materials for reuse by industry, and protect the environment.

Research Headlines - Profound changes for shallow geothermal systems

17 de maio de 2019

imageHeat from the Earth is in plentiful supply - and innovation could help to reduce the cost and further improve the efficiency of technology for its extraction. An EU-funded project has set out to upgrade shallow geothermal systems and underground thermal storage. Part of the research is conducted in Turkey, where activities focus on the grouting.

Research Headlines - Advanced ultracapacitors power a revolution in energy storage

16 de maio de 2019

imageThe most advanced ultracapacitors in the world are now being manufactured on an industrial scale and deployed commercially thanks to an EU-funded project, providing potent, reliable and fast-charging energy-storage solutions for renewable power grids and electric vehicles.

Research Headlines - Breaking down the barriers to 100 % renewable energy

14 de maio de 2019

imageAn EU-funded project is developing new energy system concepts to tackle the technical electricity-grid-based challenges that stand in the way of achieving 100 % renewable electricity in Europe.

Research Headlines - Creating a better low-cost solar cell

8 de maio de 2019

imageSolar cells made with the mineral perovskite are very attractive as a means of producing green energy, largely because of their low cost. An EU-funded project set out to optimise these potentially revolutionary components to help bring renewable energy to a broader market.

Events - Horizon 2020 Energy Info Days - 25-27 June 2019, Brussels, Belgium

2 de maio de 2019

The Horizon 2020 Energy info days will take place between 25-27 June in Brussels. They will present the funding opportunities for research, innovation and market uptake projects on clean energy.

The event will help potential applicants in preparing successful proposals for Horizon 2020 calls for the year 2020.

Research Headlines - Smarter cities mean better quality of life

2 de maio de 2019

imageAn EU-funded project is developing user-centric, smart solutions that will help Europe's expanding urban areas boost their citizens' quality of life and improve the environment as they grow.

Research Headlines - Ultra-efficient solar module paves way to photovoltaic future

17 de abril de 2019

imageAn EU-funded project has achieved some of the highest efficiencies ever recorded for a solar module, paving the way for broader commercial deployment of concentrator photovoltaic systems to help drive Europe's transition to renewable energy.

Research Headlines - Greener chemical processes for a sustainable industry

2 de abril de 2019

ImageThe EU-funded ENACT project has used a combination of computer simulation and experimental validation to develop more efficient and sustainable chemical processes for the energy and pharmaceutical sectors - good for the environment, health, and the EU's competitiveness.

Research Headlines - Smart energy storage heaters boost renewable electricity

29 de março de 2019

ImageAn EU-funded project has brought affordable energy-storage technology into people's homes with smart night-storage heaters, helping the EU to meet its renewable electricity targets.

Research Headlines - New technology to integrate solar panels into buildings

26 de março de 2019

ImageAn EU-funded project is developing a new generation of solar panels that can be part of traditional house elements like roofs, windows and glass facades. The innovative solar panels can be integrated so well in a building that they are not even visible. This will encourage the take-up of solar energy by European consumers and give the European construction industry a competitive advantage.

Research Headlines - Advancing African water management

18 de março de 2019

ImageEU-funded researchers are using mathematical models to improve water management in Africa. Their aim is to balance the water, energy and food needs of communities in a sustainable way while allowing for economic development.