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EWB Insight report: July 2020

30 de julho de 2020

This month: A CfD-backed EfW project crosses the finishing line, CCS technology progresses, REDII faces further legal action, legal ruling states EfW plants primary role is power production and Amey’s Isle of Wight WtE facility misses end of June date to be operational

Only 25% of ENplus pellet producers hit by pandemic

30 de julho de 2020

Survey polled 93 certified companies from 21 countries, most of which were based in Europe

KLM to boost biofuel production after ‘greenwashing’ claim

30 de julho de 2020

Netherlands: NGO says it is taking further action over biofuels claims

Eqtec calls for rival to drop legal challenge

29 de julho de 2020

Ireland-based company faces a challenge relating to a patent infringement over a project its is developing in the US

UK government offers lifeline to biofuel-producing facilities

29 de julho de 2020

Concerns raised over “recent increases in the cost of biofuels” compared with fossil fuels mean suppliers could increasingly opt to “buy out” of renewable fuels

Waste wood-to-energy permit expansion ‘withdrawn’

28 de julho de 2020

UK: Site had applied to increase the amount of feedstock it processed and to take ash from the Barry biomass-fired plant

NIB puts NOK200m into new bioenergy development

23 de julho de 2020

Norway: Seven-year loan will support the development of wood pellet-manufacturing facility and a 24MWth plant

AEB’s biomass-fired plant supplies first heat

21 de julho de 2020

Netherlands: Facility is due to supply electricity from the early autumn

Hofor tenders for woodchip storage and conveyor system

20 de julho de 2020

Denmark: 16-month project will cover biomass-based feedstock for the Amagerværket facility

Eqtec faces ‘opportunistic’ legal challenge over gasification technology

13 de julho de 2020

Ireland-based company questions timing of legal complaint, which was launched on the same day it raised £10m (€11.3m) through a new share drive

CCS backers seek support in EU recovery plan

13 de julho de 2020

EfW and biomass-based CCS projects are now being developed across Europe

Industry leaders call for waste permit shake-up

10 de julho de 2020

UK: “Lack of lack of permitting capacity” has meant “vital projects being unnecessarily delayed for months and, in some cases, years”, according to trade body

Geminor confirms 50,000t of biomass to be imported to UK

8 de julho de 2020

Norway-based business had previously revealed it has shipped 2,200t of treated waste wood to the UK last month

Campaigners plan appeal over EU bioenergy support

7 de julho de 2020

European court’s refusal to hear case over RED II’s inclusion of forest biomass-to-energy is to be challenged

Former Olympic site ditches waste wood for virgin biomass

7 de julho de 2020

UK: Facility provided heat and power to the 2012 games and now supplies housing and businesses

DB Cargo UK and Drax sign five-year biomass deal

3 de julho de 2020

UK: “Hook and haul” deal will see about 100,000 tonnes a week taken by rail to Drax from the ports of Immingham and Hull

Biomass-to-heat sector ‘faces collapse’ over policy changes

2 de julho de 2020

UK: Trade bodies says there is a “huge risk” over how the RHI-support scheme is replaced

EWB Insight report: June 2020

1 de julho de 2020

This month: Political moves hit the EfW sector in Denmark and Germany, politician backtracks after criticising a waste to energy plant, MVV wins “rare” ruling, Amey’s Waterbeach facility loses appeal, and a full facilities round up

Eqtec signs deal for three biomass-gasification plants

1 de julho de 2020

Ireland: Company will be the sole gasification technology supplier to three facilities that appear to be previously developed projects in Sligo, Clare County and Shannon

Geminor cuts CO2 by adding more ‘biogenic content’ to RDF

30 de junho de 2020

Denmark: Company claims to have set a “new international standard” with the waste it will deliver to the Amager Bakke facility

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4 de agosto de 2020

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Research Headlines - Getting smart with electricity networks

15 de julho de 2020

ImageAn EU-funded project has helped to drive the development and use of smart grid solutions across Europe. It has also provided external engineering teams with free access to state-of-the-art facilities to enable them to carry out their own research.

Research Headlines - Mass-produced European solar panels on the horizon

19 de junho de 2020

ImageAn EU-funded project has developed a European version of high-efficiency, next-generation solar technology and a low-cost manufacturing process. The innovative solar cells could boost a switch to solar energy and recharge European solar-panel production.

Research Headlines - Burning bio-oil to heat homes more sustainably

15 de junho de 2020

ImageAn EU-funded project has perfected the production of bio-oil and altered boilers to heat homes - recycling farm and forestry waste whilst cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Research Headlines - 'Living bricks' create building blocks for a circular economy

9 de junho de 2020

ImageAn EU project has developed highly innovative 'living' bricks that contain chambers of microbes capable of turning human waste, such as urine and grey water, into valuable resources, electricity and clean water.

Research Headlines - Tidal flows generate huge potential for clean electricity

3 de junho de 2020

ImageMore predictable than the wind and sun, tides have a massive potential when it comes to generating clean electricity. With tidal turbines already generating electricity within our seas, the challenge facing the industry now is to reduce costs. A consortium of EU-funded organisations has been using this knowledge to create a novel turbine able to make tidal energy more competitive.

Research Headlines - Self-powered platform holds promise as point-of-care biosensor

13 de maio de 2020

ImageA single test strip - the first platform to couple a methanol fuel cell with a biosensor - could act as a self-powered, easy-to-use, disposable, and low-cost test for diseases such as cancer, say EU-funded researchers.

Research Headlines - Mapping out policy priorities for a carbon-neutral EU

11 de maio de 2020

ImageEU-funded researchers have mapped out possible pathways to achieve the drastic technological, economic and societal transformations needed for the EU to become carbon neutral by 2050, meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement and lead global efforts to tackle climate change.

Research Headlines - Wobbling in the wind: a bladeless alternative to turbines

24 de fevereiro de 2020

ImageA Spanish start-up will soon start beta testing an innovative renewable energy solution, building on the results of an EU-funded project that helped develop a low-cost, low-maintenance and low-noise alternative to wind turbines.

Events - IMPROOF Workshop - 16th Global Congress on Process Safety - 16 August 2020, Houston, TX, USA

21 de fevereiro de 2020

IMPROOF is a European Union Horizon 2020 project, which aims to improve the energy efficiency of steam cracking furnaces while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and NOx.

This workshop is organized by the IMPROOF consortium, registration is open for all stakeholders from both industry and academia.

There will be a free workshop to share the results of the work.
It is scheduled to coordinate with the 32nd Ethylene Producers Conference.

The Event will be at The Marriott Marquis Houston, 1777 Walker St. Houston. Attendance is free of charge, but registration is required.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the event is postponed to 16 August.

Research Headlines - Producing clean energy from thin air? Yes, it is possible

17 de janeiro de 2020

ImageAn EU-funded research team has developed an efficient process to produce energy from CO2 - an innovation that could help Europe make the switch to a more sustainable, competitive economy.

Research Headlines - Reach for the sky for greener energy

10 de janeiro de 2020

ImageWhat if a child's toy inspired an alternative to fixed wind turbines? An EU-funded project has developed a low-cost, highly productive 'kite' generator. Now nearing commercialisation, it could offer sustainable power to remote communities or people on the move.

Research Headlines - Sustainable energy - getting more from less

3 de dezembro de 2019

ImageAs the world relies more on renewable energy to limit climate change, an EU-funded project has produced insights into how nanotechnology could support cleaner power and promoted university-business links for targeted future innovation in this field.

Research Headlines - Power-hungry data centres to go on permanent diet

22 de novembro de 2019

ImageEU-funded researchers are on the verge of slashing the energy used by internet data centres to help cut CO2 emissions. By developing a model to optimise energy in real time, they aim to make the centres more efficient without affecting performance.

Research Headlines - Novel nanostructures could make smartphones more efficient

6 de novembro de 2019

imageEU-funded researchers and partners are pushing the boundaries of the laws of physics, developing nanocomposite materials and nanoelectronic circuits to greatly improve energy, thermal and computing performance. This could make smartphones and other electronics more efficient and boost the potential of solar power.

Research Headlines - Bioenergy villages wave goodbye to fossil fuels

23 de outubro de 2019

imageSeven communities in south-eastern Europe plan to install biomass-based district heating systems thanks to an EU-funded project designed to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and strengthen local economies.

Research Headlines - Perovskites promise boost for solar power technology

18 de outubro de 2019

imageAn unexpected discovery by EU-funded researchers has opened up a new field of photovoltaic technology that promises a more efficient and economical way to convert solar energy into electrical power.

Research Headlines - Moving wind farming into deeper waters

14 de outubro de 2019

imageInstalling wind turbines in deeper waters is an interesting proposition as wind speeds tend to be higher and more consistent further out to sea. An EU-funded project has built a new type of foundation for turbines that overcomes most of the technical challenges and reduces the cost of offshore installation.

Research Headlines - A safe source of drinking water for rural Malawi

14 de agosto de 2019

ImageThe EU-funded WATERSPOUTT project's partners in Malawi are designing and testing an innovative solar-ceramic water filtration system capable of providing local communities with a reliable source of clean water at the household level.

Research Headlines - Europe stands up to lead the solar-thermal electricity way

13 de agosto de 2019

ImageAll-too-often it takes global disasters or looming events to bring countries together for a common cause. Climate change is perhaps the biggest 'event' of this kind, an existential threat driving international research cooperation in a new sustainable solution called solar-thermal electricity (STE). But it takes leadership to forge such a grand alliance of scientists, engineers, technicians and companies prepared to back progress in this field. Europe stood up when it was needed.