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AEB releases biomass plant emissions data

13 de janeiro de 2021

Netherlands: Company says data recorded last year proves the facility “meets the legal emission standards”

5MWe Slatina biomass-fired plant sold

12 de janeiro de 2021

Deal has been described as one of the “largest” foreign investments in Croatia’s bioenergy sector

Environment Agency staff capacity down by 16% during pandemic

11 de janeiro de 2021

UK: Waste sector says the enforcement agency was “severely stretched” due to budget cuts even before Covid-19 hit

Biomass-to-energy sector to escape previous lockdown woes

7 de janeiro de 2021

UK: Industry says open HWRCs combined with ongoing construction and manufacturing will support waste wood-to-energy supplies unlike last year’s major lockdown

Foresight reveals interim close for FEIP fund

7 de janeiro de 2021

UK: Fundraising continues until July 2021, targeting commitments of €500m and a hard cap of €750m

DIN relaunches tender for developing 60MWth woodchip-fired build

6 de janeiro de 2021

Denmark: Facility is due to replace heat currently sourced from coal, but a tender last year failed to attract a contractor

Foresight to float on London Stock Exchange

5 de janeiro de 2021

UK: Bioenergy and EfW investor says the move is the next “logical next step”

Veolia to ramp up waste wood processing by 50,000t/yr

5 de janeiro de 2021

UK: Moves comes as another waste wood-fired facility reveals it has struggled to source feedstock

Barry gasification project breaks silence to reveal nine-month shutdown

4 de janeiro de 2021

UK: Much-delayed biomass facility was due to be operational in December 2019, but currently a date for restarting it is “not clear”

Eiffel Gaz Vert biogas-backing fund closes at €210m

17 de dezembro de 2020

France: The first European fund dedicated to renewable gas has backed eight deals in less than a year

Malt producer Muntons unveils 15MWth biomass-fired plant plan

10 de dezembro de 2020

UK: Vital Energi and AMP Clean Energy have been brought in to deliver the £16.5m project

WRA considering legal action over waste wood changes

8 de dezembro de 2020

UK: Sector feels reclassification of certain waste wood streams, which would only be allowed to go to biomass-fired plants, is unfair on panel-board manufacturers

Further problems being fixed at Ørsted’s biomass-fired plant

8 de dezembro de 2020

Denmark: Heating element baskets of the air preheater have been damaged at the facility, which was converted to process biomass four years ago

Vast 150MWe waste-gasification, bioenergy and AD complex announced

4 de dezembro de 2020

UK: Developer expects to take 18 months to submit a planning application

EWB Insight report: November 2020

1 de dezembro de 2020

This month: The EU ETS should not be extended to EfW plants, BWSC shifts away from EfW and bioenergy plant builds, Suez and BP work on the UK’s first CCS project at an EfW plant, still no EIA for the Barry biomass plant and Nature Energy is building another large-scale facility

UK company to relaunch Africa’s largest wood pellet export plant

26 de novembro de 2020

South Africa-based facility will process about 145,000t/yr of feedstock into pellets, once it has been overhauled

BWSC announces ‘major change in focus’

25 de novembro de 2020

Denmark: Company blames “series of negative events” as it confirms new plan to move away from biomass and waste-fired EPC builds

Environment Agency ‘could face judicial review’ over waste guidance

24 de novembro de 2020

UK: “Misconceived” guidance is seeking to impose best available techniques (BAT) obligations on all waste sites, says UROC

Covid further delays biomass-gasification plant’s EIA

19 de novembro de 2020

UK: Process could eventually take more than three years after Welsh government confirms a further delay

Huge jobs boost possible from CCS investment - Drax

18 de novembro de 2020

UK: CCS and hydrogen could deliver more than 205,000 jobs nationally, helping the economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic

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13 de janeiro de 2021

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Research Headlines - Firm ground for platform advancing offshore renewable energy

30 de novembro de 2020

ImageWind, wave, tidal - there is plenty of energy to harvest at sea, and plenty of room for innovation to tap this potential for greater sustainability contributing to a key sector in the European Commission's Green Deal. Test sites from several countries have joined forces to strengthen Europe's position at the forefront of this area of R&D. An EU-funded project has taken their cooperation a step further.

Research Headlines - New power plant to convert crop waste into advanced biofuel

25 de novembro de 2020

ImageAn advanced biofuel plant under construction in Romania is at the centre of an EU-funded project to prove the environmental and economic benefits of producing cellulosic ethanol from agricultural residues.

Research Headlines - Home improvements for the planet

16 de novembro de 2020

ImageRenovating energy-inefficient buildings is crucial if Europe is to reduce its carbon footprint. That is why an EU-funded project is making renovations faster and easier, helping homes to save energy - for the benefit of the general public and the planet.

Research Headlines - A bright future for perovskites in lighting and displays

23 de outubro de 2020

ImageEU-funded researchers behind a breakthrough solar-energy technology have also laid the material foundations for a new generation of digital displays that could surpass latest-generation OLED screens in brightness, colour range and energy efficiency.

Research Headlines - Better biomass burning helps reach renewable energy targets

5 de outubro de 2020

ImageAmid an urgent need to cut carbon emissions to combat climate change, EU-funded researchers have developed a new generation of highly efficient power plants for generating heat and electricity from biomass.

Research Headlines - From value chain to value loop with biogas and mushrooms

6 de agosto de 2020

PhotoWaste is only waste if you cannot put it to good use! EU-funded researchers have developed a circular value chain deriving income sustainably from wet straw, biogas digestate and similar residues, via products such as fertiliser, fuel pellets and mushroom substrate – and boosting energy generation in the process.

Research Headlines - Getting smart with electricity networks

15 de julho de 2020

ImageAn EU-funded project has helped to drive the development and use of smart grid solutions across Europe. It has also provided external engineering teams with free access to state-of-the-art facilities to enable them to carry out their own research.

Research Headlines - Mass-produced European solar panels on the horizon

19 de junho de 2020

ImageAn EU-funded project has developed a European version of high-efficiency, next-generation solar technology and a low-cost manufacturing process. The innovative solar cells could boost a switch to solar energy and recharge European solar-panel production.

Research Headlines - Burning bio-oil to heat homes more sustainably

15 de junho de 2020

ImageAn EU-funded project has perfected the production of bio-oil and altered boilers to heat homes - recycling farm and forestry waste whilst cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Research Headlines - 'Living bricks' create building blocks for a circular economy

9 de junho de 2020

ImageAn EU project has developed highly innovative 'living' bricks that contain chambers of microbes capable of turning human waste, such as urine and grey water, into valuable resources, electricity and clean water.

Research Headlines - Tidal flows generate huge potential for clean electricity

3 de junho de 2020

ImageMore predictable than the wind and sun, tides have a massive potential when it comes to generating clean electricity. With tidal turbines already generating electricity within our seas, the challenge facing the industry now is to reduce costs. A consortium of EU-funded organisations has been using this knowledge to create a novel turbine able to make tidal energy more competitive.

Research Headlines - Self-powered platform holds promise as point-of-care biosensor

13 de maio de 2020

ImageA single test strip - the first platform to couple a methanol fuel cell with a biosensor - could act as a self-powered, easy-to-use, disposable, and low-cost test for diseases such as cancer, say EU-funded researchers.

Research Headlines - Mapping out policy priorities for a carbon-neutral EU

11 de maio de 2020

ImageEU-funded researchers have mapped out possible pathways to achieve the drastic technological, economic and societal transformations needed for the EU to become carbon neutral by 2050, meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement and lead global efforts to tackle climate change.

Research Headlines - Wobbling in the wind: a bladeless alternative to turbines

24 de fevereiro de 2020

ImageA Spanish start-up will soon start beta testing an innovative renewable energy solution, building on the results of an EU-funded project that helped develop a low-cost, low-maintenance and low-noise alternative to wind turbines.

Research Headlines - Producing clean energy from thin air? Yes, it is possible

17 de janeiro de 2020

ImageAn EU-funded research team has developed an efficient process to produce energy from CO2 - an innovation that could help Europe make the switch to a more sustainable, competitive economy.