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New call for decision on biomass-fired plant

26 de abril de 2019

UK: NGO demands government makes decision on whether facility needs an EIA

MPs urge government to ‘shake off blinkers’ on CCS

26 de abril de 2019

Majority biomass-fired Drax is carrying out the only UK-based trial of CCS

Host to deliver 15MWth biomass-fired plant

24 de abril de 2019

Netherlands: Six greenhouses will benefit from the heat produced by the plant

Port to store waste and biomass feedstock for export

24 de abril de 2019

UK: Up to 80,0000 of RDF, SRF and biomass destined for energy recovery could be stored at the site

Valmet wins biomass-fired plant deal

23 de abril de 2019

France: Contract will see a recovery boiler converted to process biomass

Waste and bioenergy market 'set to top €44bn'

11 de abril de 2019

The market should grow by more than 6% a year over the next three years, according to analysts

Fjernvarme Horsens set for expansion

9 de abril de 2019

The community-owned district heating firm in Denmark's eighth-largest city has adopted a strategy to oversee its growth over the next two decades.

EWB Plant Tracker Update

5 de abril de 2019

Biomass plants in the UK are finally coming across the finishing line, while a number of new developments in the sector have also been launched

Tender launched for 220MWth biomass-fired plant

5 de abril de 2019

Finland: Contractor wanted for boiler, flue gas condensing facility, auxiliary equipment and boiler house

B&W confirms £70m hit over delayed biomass-fired facilities

4 de abril de 2019

UK: Company agreed settlement to “limit” remaining risks on delayed contracts and revealed previously handed-over plants still need work

Biomass plants granted subsidy extension

3 de abril de 2019

Denmark: 21 biomass-fired plants have had support extended after deals run out at the start of this month

Consultation opens into permit for multifuel pyrolysis plant

27 de março de 2019

UK: Facility wants to process up to 180,000t/yr of RDF and waste wood to produce new feedstock in the form of pellets

UK's largest biomass gasifier fully operational

26 de março de 2019

Good news for developer BIG after problems with another gasification development earlier this month

REA calls for more biomass-to-energy policy backing

26 de março de 2019

UK: Bioenergy is the little-known leader of British renewables, says the REA

Planning inquiry into multifuel-fired CHP plant

25 de março de 2019

UK: Plant will process green waste along with carpet and textiles, which cannot be recycled

EDF pushes ahead with biomass-conversion plan

25 de março de 2019

France: Plans are developing to convert two vast coal-fired facilities before the fossil fuel is banned in three years

Bioenergy bodies call for RED II sustainability and taxonomy alignment

22 de março de 2019

Trade bodies representing the biogas, biomass and biofuel sectors urge “consistency” in policy

Port takes largest wood-pellet delivery

21 de março de 2019

UK: Feedstock was destined for the majority biomass-fired Drax power station

New biofuel from wine-production waste

20 de março de 2019

Spain is the world's third largest wine producer and could use the waste to boost biofuel production

Biomass gasification and biomethane production costs falling

19 de março de 2019

New study highlights production costs could fall by half by 2050

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26 de abril de 2019

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Research Headlines - Ultra-efficient solar module paves way to photovoltaic future

17 de abril de 2019

imageAn EU-funded project has achieved some of the highest efficiencies ever recorded for a solar module, paving the way for broader commercial deployment of concentrator photovoltaic systems to help drive Europe's transition to renewable energy.

Research Headlines - Greener chemical processes for a sustainable industry

2 de abril de 2019

ImageThe EU-funded ENACT project has used a combination of computer simulation and experimental validation to develop more efficient and sustainable chemical processes for the energy and pharmaceutical sectors - good for the environment, health, and the EU's competitiveness.

Research Headlines - Smart energy storage heaters boost renewable electricity

29 de março de 2019

ImageAn EU-funded project has brought affordable energy-storage technology into people's homes with smart night-storage heaters, helping the EU to meet its renewable electricity targets.

Research Headlines - New technology to integrate solar panels into buildings

26 de março de 2019

ImageAn EU-funded project is developing a new generation of solar panels that can be part of traditional house elements like roofs, windows and glass facades. The innovative solar panels can be integrated so well in a building that they are not even visible. This will encourage the take-up of solar energy by European consumers and give the European construction industry a competitive advantage.

Events - Paving the way towards clean energy and fuels in Europe - 29 May 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

21 de março de 2019

This research policy workshop will focus on how to move forward the innovation chain in the EU for bioenergy, advanced biofuels and renewable fuels, contributing to the clean energy transformation in energy and transport, in line with the Strategic Development Goals and the EU Communication “Clean Planet for All”. For this purpose, the workshop will identify the research and innovation needs, the strategy and the roadmap for bioenergy, biofuels and renewable fuels to make the European industrial energy and transport sectors economically and environmentally sustainable, secure and competitive in the global markets.

The agenda will focus on the value chains of advanced biofuels, renewable fuels, intermediate bioenergy carriers and biomass-based cogeneration of heat and power. The entire innovation sequence will be discussed, from breakthrough technologies to applied research and demonstration, pre-commercial scale financing and market up-take support measures. Results from the entire portfolio of around 60 projects supported under the European Union’s Framework Programme Horizon 2020 – Secure, clean and efficient energy challenge will feed into the discussion.

The views of the engaged EU Member States and of research and industrial stakeholders will be an important additional contribution, to identify non-technological support pathways through new tools, research concepts, the mobilization of national actions, private engagement and financing mechanisms. The workshop will then report on the progress of the innovation chains, the effectiveness of pushing innovative solutions into the market and their broader penetration into the energy and transport mix. Policy recommendations based on project results, the Member States’ interests and plans, as well as the views of the stakeholders, will also be collected and reported.


The event will be free of charge upon registration through EUBCE user area.

Research Headlines - Advancing African water management

18 de março de 2019

ImageEU-funded researchers are using mathematical models to improve water management in Africa. Their aim is to balance the water, energy and food needs of communities in a sustainable way while allowing for economic development.

Research Headlines - Solar fuel turns to plants for inspiration

13 de março de 2019

ImageAn 'artificial leaf' being developed by EU-funded researchers to produce fuel from sunlight, carbon dioxide and water, could tackle soaring global energy demands, the growing impact of climate change, and dwindling supplies of fossil fuels.

Research Headlines - Helping emerging energy market players make the right calls

5 de março de 2019

ImageEurope's changing energy market is attracting new, smaller players that lack experience and know-how when it comes to negotiating commercial transactions. An EU-funded project has come up with a solution to help them make better decisions.

Research Headlines - Smart energy delivery, smarter energy consumers

5 de março de 2019

ImageAn EU-funded project has developed guidelines and tools for energy providers and policymakers that are empowering businesses, communities and households to use electricity wisely, saving consumers money and promoting sustainability.

Research Headlines - Power of 'social' in low-carbon innovation take-up

25 de fevereiro de 2019

ImageClimate change mitigation, green labels, renewable energy, clean technology... we are familiar with the words, but how much do we really know and what do we think about them? The EU-funded SILCI project is exploring the world of low-carbon innovations and how they spread through processes of social influence.

Research Headlines - WaveRoller - turning waves into electricity

21 de janeiro de 2019

ImageFinnish firm AW-Energy is tapping into wave power as a clean energy source. A loan supported by the InnovFin-EU finance for innovators initiative under the EU's Horizon 2020 programme and extended by the European Investment Bank has helped it bring its WaveRoller device to the commercialisation phase.

Research Headlines - Getting green renewables into the grid

15 de janeiro de 2019

ImageToday's clean, renewable energy is bringing power to millions with virtually no adverse environmental impact. An EU-funded project is modelling the power sector and assessing different scenarios for the further integration of green renewables into the electrical grid.

Research Headlines - Cities use waste heat to save energy and cut emissions

14 de dezembro de 2018

ImageAn EU-funded project is helping European cities to run district heating and cooling systems with waste heat. Solutions provided through the project capture and use this affordable and plentiful resource to help households, factories and offices save energy.

Research Headlines - Innovation in energy technology powers research careers

8 de novembro de 2018

ImageBreakthrough battery technologies will play a vital role in achieving the EU's goal of lowering carbon emissions by storing renewable energy for use around the clock and increasing the uptake of electric vehicles. EU-funded research is developing new energy-storage options that will have an enormous impact in Europe, creating new jobs and helping to protect our environment.

Research Headlines - Powering a battery storage revolution

18 de outubro de 2018

ImageThe atomic structure of common table salt could hold the key to a revolution in energy storage. EU-funded researchers are developing batteries that will extend the life of your mobile, power electric cars farther and support Europe's transition to renewables.

Research Headlines - Shaping the future of Europe's energy policy

11 de setembro de 2018

ImageThe transition toward clean, efficient and secure energy will require more than just technological innovation. An EU-funded project is applying research insights from across the social sciences and humanities to help guide European energy policy.

Research Headlines - A superconductive breakthrough for wind energy

29 de agosto de 2018

ImageThe world's first superconducting wind turbine will be installed this year off the coast of Denmark - a landmark achievement by an EU-funded project that is set to revolutionise the wind-energy industry through the deployment of lighter, more cost efficient and more potent generators.

Research Headlines - Enzyme discovery could boost biofuel production

28 de agosto de 2018

ImageEU-funded researchers have discovered a new family of enzymes able to break down wood into its chemical components. The findings may lead to more efficient production of biofuels and other valuable chemicals derived from biomass.

Research Headlines - Researchers target quantum breakthroughs

23 de agosto de 2018

ImageAn EU-funded network is carrying out cutting-edge research that could lead to pioneering commercial applications such as ultra-powerful quantum computers, helping to position Europe at the forefront of technological innovation.

Research Headlines - International cooperation key to Europe's energy security

18 de julho de 2018

ImageEU-funded researchers are boosting energy cooperation between the EU and nearby countries to the south and east, advancing knowledge on integrating renewables into energy systems, as well as researching improvements in energy efficiency.

Research Headlines - Wave and tidal-power design and analysis tools make a splash

7 de junho de 2018

Photo of wavesEU-funded researchers have developed new tools for designing and analysing the economic reliability and environmental performance of wave and tidal-energy power farms. These are currently being implemented and validated in real-life situations, while the DTOCEAN consortium has secured further EU funding.

Research Headlines - Renewable energy gets a boost from smarter electricity grids

6 de junho de 2018

ImageConnecting many small renewable energy sources to electricity grids is vital for EU environmental and energy goals. EU-funded research has shown how this can be achieved more efficiently through advanced functionalities that ensure grid stability.

Research Headlines - Island life: laying the foundations for a fossil-free future

4 de junho de 2018

ImageThe award-winning EU-funded TILOS project is tackling the sustainable energy challenges facing Mediterranean islands with practical solutions for storing, sharing and better managing power generated locally from the wind and sun.

Research Headlines - Moroccan and EU researchers set their sights on more efficient renewable energy systems

29 de maio de 2018

ImageMany consider renewable energy systems to be the way forward. However, before such systems can power the future, they first need to demonstrate their viability. Researchers from Europe and Morocco have teamed up to make one specific energy system a reality - dispatchable concentrating solar plants.

Research Headlines - Greening aluminium production

18 de maio de 2018

Photo of a roll of aluminiumAluminium is a vital material. Yet its production consumes vast amounts of raw materials and energy. An EU-funded project has developed waste-ore recycling processes and power-saving furnaces that could shrink the industry's environmental footprint while increasing its long-term competitiveness.