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Bioenergy sector reacts to European Commission adopting Biodiversity Strategy

21 de maio de 2020

The biogas sector has ramped up lobbying, the biomass sector regrets the use of “jargon” in the document and the bioethanol sector said it was “misleading”

Climate official reveals EU could back CCS projects

20 de maio de 2020

CCS projects are under way at the UK’s majority biomass-fired Drax plant and at various levels in Scandinavia with an EfW plant in Norway the most advanced

Coronavirus: Ireland should shift to bioenergy to boost economic recovery – IrBEA

19 de maio de 2020

Trade body urges increased support for biogas, biomass-to-energy and biofuels as country has “failed” to meet renewable power and heat targets

Leaked EU forest protections spark opposition from industry

18 de maio de 2020

Bioenergy Europe among trade bodies arguing strict protection was a “high-risk solution” for the forestry sector

Coronavirus: EIA rules eased to allow paperless approach

15 de maio de 2020

UK: Move streamlines the planning process for EfW, biomass and biogas-producing facilities as the Covid-19 pandemic continues

Newcastle City Council secures woodchip-for heat deal

15 de maio de 2020

UK: Council had tendered for a supplier of biomass for its Byker District Heating system

Court dismisses ‘ill-informed’ case against biomass-to-energy

13 de maio de 2020

European Court of Justice declined to hear the case against RED II’s support of bioenergy, but campaigners have said they are considering an appeal

Cement sector on road to ‘carbon neutrality’ by 2050

13 de maio de 2020

Call for increased policy support for processing waste and biomass as well as CCS

Andritz lands biomass-gasification facility contract

13 de maio de 2020

Brazil: Deal includes supply of European technology and equipment for a 51MWe facility

Brønderslev Varme wins two-year biomass plant fight

12 de maio de 2020

Denmark: Company awarded DKK13m settlement over issues with a combined solar and woodchip-fired cogeneration plant

Eidsiva Bioenergi signs deal for 8MWth biomass-fired plant

6 de maio de 2020

Norway: Construction is already underway and the facility is planned to operational this autumn

Ørsted reveals replacement deal for cracked turbine at biomass plant

5 de maio de 2020

Denmark: Equipment has not operated correctly since last September, and crack indications have been found in the IP rotor

EWB Plant Tracker update

5 de maio de 2020

Relaunched UK-based EfW projects push up pipeline capacity

Bioenergy ‘indispensable’ for 100% renewable power across the EU

5 de maio de 2020

Bioelectricity will grow by 30% in the coming decade, reaching 17.4Mtoe in 2030 across the EU27, according to a new report

Union brands Northern Ireland RHI increases ‘inadequate’

4 de maio de 2020

UFU says it is “bewildered and frustrated” by proposed increases in subsidies for renewable heat

Drax consults on new biomass-carbon calculator

4 de maio de 2020

UK: System could help bioenergy sector cut supply chain emissions, according to the power station

EWB Insight report: April 2020

1 de maio de 2020

This month: Facilities moved forward for Wheelabrator, several other UK-based EfW plants progressed, while policy and business remains severely affected by the global coronavirus outbreak

Valmet wins Polish coal-to-biomass conversion deal

30 de abril de 2020

Lignite-fired plant is Poland’s oldest-such facility and will be processing wood by autumn next year

Valmet and Metsä Fibre sign ‘€400m’ bioproduct mill deal

29 de abril de 2020

Finland: Metsä has also revealed lower profits for the start of this year, although tissue paper sales were up due to coronavirus

Coronavirus: RHI-backed facilities get commissioning extension

29 de abril de 2020

UK: Measures only covers plants that have already been processed under the subsidy system

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20 de maio de 2020

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Research Headlines - Self-powered platform holds promise as point-of-care biosensor

13 de maio de 2020

ImageA single test strip - the first platform to couple a methanol fuel cell with a biosensor - could act as a self-powered, easy-to-use, disposable, and low-cost test for diseases such as cancer, say EU-funded researchers.

Research Headlines - Mapping out policy priorities for a carbon-neutral EU

11 de maio de 2020

ImageEU-funded researchers have mapped out possible pathways to achieve the drastic technological, economic and societal transformations needed for the EU to become carbon neutral by 2050, meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement and lead global efforts to tackle climate change.

Events - Demonstration of innovative technologies towards a more efficient and sustainable plastic recycling - polynSPIRE - 14 May 2020

6 de maio de 2020

Polymer Comply Europe (PCE) is pleased to announce its next live webinar on the polynSPIRE project “Demonstration of innovative technologies towards a more efficient and sustainable plastic recycling”, organised on behalf of European Plastics Converters (EuPC) and the polynSPIRE project.

The live webinar will focus on recycling and redesigning the plastics value chain are essential in reusing plastic waste material and avoiding landfill.

Webinar agenda:

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • About CIRCE
  • The polynSPIRE project: goals, challenges and progress
  • Questions & Answers
  • Closing

Research Headlines - Wobbling in the wind: a bladeless alternative to turbines

24 de fevereiro de 2020

ImageA Spanish start-up will soon start beta testing an innovative renewable energy solution, building on the results of an EU-funded project that helped develop a low-cost, low-maintenance and low-noise alternative to wind turbines.

Events - IMPROOF Workshop - 16th Global Congress on Process Safety - 16 August 2020, Houston, TX, USA

21 de fevereiro de 2020

IMPROOF is a European Union Horizon 2020 project, which aims to improve the energy efficiency of steam cracking furnaces while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and NOx.

This workshop is organized by the IMPROOF consortium, registration is open for all stakeholders from both industry and academia.

There will be a free workshop to share the results of the work.
It is scheduled to coordinate with the 32nd Ethylene Producers Conference.

The Event will be at The Marriott Marquis Houston, 1777 Walker St. Houston. Attendance is free of charge, but registration is required.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the event is postponed to 16 August.

Research Headlines - Producing clean energy from thin air? Yes, it is possible

17 de janeiro de 2020

ImageAn EU-funded research team has developed an efficient process to produce energy from CO2 - an innovation that could help Europe make the switch to a more sustainable, competitive economy.

Research Headlines - Reach for the sky for greener energy

10 de janeiro de 2020

ImageWhat if a child's toy inspired an alternative to fixed wind turbines? An EU-funded project has developed a low-cost, highly productive 'kite' generator. Now nearing commercialisation, it could offer sustainable power to remote communities or people on the move.

Research Headlines - Sustainable energy - getting more from less

3 de dezembro de 2019

ImageAs the world relies more on renewable energy to limit climate change, an EU-funded project has produced insights into how nanotechnology could support cleaner power and promoted university-business links for targeted future innovation in this field.

Research Headlines - Power-hungry data centres to go on permanent diet

22 de novembro de 2019

ImageEU-funded researchers are on the verge of slashing the energy used by internet data centres to help cut CO2 emissions. By developing a model to optimise energy in real time, they aim to make the centres more efficient without affecting performance.

Research Headlines - Novel nanostructures could make smartphones more efficient

6 de novembro de 2019

imageEU-funded researchers and partners are pushing the boundaries of the laws of physics, developing nanocomposite materials and nanoelectronic circuits to greatly improve energy, thermal and computing performance. This could make smartphones and other electronics more efficient and boost the potential of solar power.

Research Headlines - Bioenergy villages wave goodbye to fossil fuels

23 de outubro de 2019

imageSeven communities in south-eastern Europe plan to install biomass-based district heating systems thanks to an EU-funded project designed to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and strengthen local economies.

Research Headlines - Perovskites promise boost for solar power technology

18 de outubro de 2019

imageAn unexpected discovery by EU-funded researchers has opened up a new field of photovoltaic technology that promises a more efficient and economical way to convert solar energy into electrical power.

Research Headlines - Moving wind farming into deeper waters

14 de outubro de 2019

imageInstalling wind turbines in deeper waters is an interesting proposition as wind speeds tend to be higher and more consistent further out to sea. An EU-funded project has built a new type of foundation for turbines that overcomes most of the technical challenges and reduces the cost of offshore installation.

Research Headlines - A safe source of drinking water for rural Malawi

14 de agosto de 2019

ImageThe EU-funded WATERSPOUTT project's partners in Malawi are designing and testing an innovative solar-ceramic water filtration system capable of providing local communities with a reliable source of clean water at the household level.

Research Headlines - Europe stands up to lead the solar-thermal electricity way

13 de agosto de 2019

ImageAll-too-often it takes global disasters or looming events to bring countries together for a common cause. Climate change is perhaps the biggest 'event' of this kind, an existential threat driving international research cooperation in a new sustainable solution called solar-thermal electricity (STE). But it takes leadership to forge such a grand alliance of scientists, engineers, technicians and companies prepared to back progress in this field. Europe stood up when it was needed.

Research Headlines - Newly discovered proteins boost booming biomaterials market

2 de agosto de 2019

ImageEU-funded researchers have discovered new families of proteins and enzymes that will enable the development of novel plant-based biomaterials, potentially providing viable sustainable and renewable alternatives to plastics and other fossil-fuel-derived materials and chemicals.

Research Headlines - Propelling wind turbines further offshore

18 de julho de 2019

ImageAn EU-funded project has developed an innovative substructure for wind turbines that dramatically cuts the cost of their installation in deep water. This could help harness wind energy further offshore.

Research Headlines - Creating better heat storage technologies

5 de julho de 2019

ImageScientists are focusing on technologies for storing heat as a means of increasing the share of renewables in the energy mix. As part of this push, an EU-funded project is testing new materials that perform well at very high temperatures.

Research Headlines - Boosting innovation in bioenergy

1 de julho de 2019

ImageAn EU-funded project has helped bioenergy SMEs in six EU countries to become more economically sustainable/profitable and more competitive on the market by supporting them with technical, funding and management guidance, as the EU seeks to meet its climate and energy goals.

Research Headlines - Water consumption solution for efficient concentrated solar power

28 de junho de 2019

ImageDeserts and other sun-drenched regions are the ideal location for concentrated solar power plants, but where sunlight is abundant water tends to be scarce. EU-funded researchers are solving this conundrum by developing technologies to comprehensively reduce water consumption, enabling CSP plants to play an even bigger role in addressing the world’s energy and climate change challenges.

Research Headlines - Battery factory to cut Europe's reliance on imports

19 de junho de 2019

ImageThe European Investment Bank (EIB) has agreed in principle to provide EUR 350 million in financing to support Northvolt's development of Europe's first lithium-ion battery cell gigafactory. The factory in Sweden will help reduce the EU's dependence on oil and imported batteries.

Research Headlines - Biomass crops are energy efficient and climate friendly

17 de junho de 2019

ImageEU-funded researchers planted, harvested, processed and analysed the life cycle of woody crops to establish how efficient and environmentally friendly they are as a source of fuel for electricity and heat.

Research Headlines - Energising a greener, smarter European electricity grid

11 de junho de 2019

ImageAn EU-funded project has developed nine innovative products to help integrate homes and businesses into a smart European electricity grid. The aim is to make green energy smarter, easier and cheaper to use at home and work - good for the pocket, the planet and Europe's energy security.

Research Headlines - Recycled bulky urban waste gains new value

20 de maio de 2019

imageAn EU-funded project has developed more efficient ways to obtain high-quality, recyclable raw materials from bulky waste. The advances contribute to Europe's efforts to reduce landfilling, recover valuable raw materials for reuse by industry, and protect the environment.